Fillings offer a highly effective way to restore the structure and functionality of a tooth, particularly the back teeth.

They can also be used to replace cracked or broken teeth, which can occur due to tooth grinding, trauma and loss of tooth tissue, such as in erosion abrasion of the teeth.

White fillings offer a more aesthetic solution to having a tooth filled. Made from a tooth-coloured composite, these fillings are placed directly on the tooth and are colour-matched to the surrounding teeth. Modern dental materials mean that composite fillings are more durable than before.

Why do I need a filling?

Your dentist will inform you if you need to have a tooth filled. The most common reason for a filling is to restore a part of a tooth that has been under attack from dental decay. Fillings replace the part of the tooth that needs to be removed and will provide effective support.

Fillings will also stop any tooth pain that you experience as a result of the cavity. They are also resistant to bacteria.

Looking after your filling

If looked after properly, fillings can last for years and are particularly suitable for teeth that are subjected to lots of wear and tear, such as those at the back of the mouth.

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