For the best, most brilliant smile, you can combine in-surgery and at home whitening treatments to create a show-stopping look.

Whitening uses a safe chemical reaction to lighten the teeth enamel and dentine to a whiter shade. It works through breaking down stain molecules, restoring your teeth to a whiter and more youthful shade. As our teeth naturally darken with age due to certain foods and drinks, lifting off these stains makes a huge difference.

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Zoom whitening

In-surgery whitening achieves stunning results in a single appointment with just three days of home whitening. Using a special light in combination with whitening gel, your dentist will lighten your teeth to a brighter shade much faster than with home whitening alone. After treatment, you will receive a top-up kit and tips on how to look after your newly white smile.

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Enlighten whitening

A popular choice for teeth whitening, home kits allow you to take control of your treatment and achieve a brighter smile in the comfort of your home. We take 3D scans of your teeth to create custom mouth trays, designed to be used with a specially formulated whitening gel. The trays can be worn at night or for a shorter period of time during the day, whichever suits your lifestyle better. Treatment lasts for 14 days at home, and is completed with one in-surgery appointment to ensure you achieve the best results. We keep a close eye on your teeth to lessen any gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. With simple maintenance at home, your new brighter smile should last many years.

Although this treatment is carried out at home, we still keep a close eye on your teeth to lessen any gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

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