During your appointment, we will examine and assess your teeth, gums and mouth, as well as look at your overall health.

What happens during the check-up?

We carry out a thorough examination that covers every aspect of your oral health. As well as assessing your teeth, we will ask some questions about your general health and medical history, in case this is affecting your dental wellbeing.

Our dental examination includes:

  • Teeth and gums, checking for any signs of wear, decay or gum disease
  • Soft tissues and tongue, ensuring they are all looking healthy
  • Face, neck and jaw, checking for any issues or abnormalities
  • Bite, making sure your teeth mesh together properly
  • Oral cancer check

We will also check any previous treatment you have had, including crowns, bridges and implants, to make sure they are still working correctly. We may need to take x-rays of your mouth. We will also discuss any concerns you may have, or if there are any cosmetic treatments you wish to know more about.

If necessary, we can provide advice and tips for your oral hygiene routine at home, to ensure you are able to keep your teeth in top condition.

Following the assessment, if we find anything that requires further treatment, we will set out your treatment plan and discuss with you the next steps and expected costs.

How often do I need to see a dentist?

You may not need to see us every six months and your dentist will let you know when you need to come back for your next check-up. If you have any problems between check-ups please phone us to arrange an earlier appointment.

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