Bryony Mann

GDC: 129468

  • Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy, University of Leeds, 2007

Bryony has been a prized member of our team since 2013 and has been educating patients in Kings Hill ever since.

Bryony’s care and attention in the surgery helps our patients to get their oral health to an optimum level, protecting their smiles from gum disease. As our hygienist, Bryony’s work is crucial to our patients’ dental wellbeing. Her passion lies in helping her patients to maintain their oral health and achieve a beautiful smile. Working closely with Amelia and Simon, she enjoys seeing the improvements first-hand when her patients return with better gum health and are delighted with the results.

Bryony helps her patients to achieve the healthiest smile as she believes that healthy smiles are beautiful smiles. She helps her more regular patients to maintain their gum health, especially if they have a more aggressive condition of gum disease that needs more than the usual TLC. She has a fantastic relationship with her patients and thoroughly enjoys when the results make her patients happy about their healthy gums/when the end results speak for themselves.

A dedicated fitness enthusiast, Bryony enjoys taking part in a range of exercise classes and competing in triathlons. Any spare time she has left, Bryony likes to spend with her two horses, or exploring on city breaks.

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